Dream Meaning of Lavender

To see lavender in your dream is usually a good symbol. If you have a daughter who is old enough to marry, then dreaming with lavender may suggest many people will want to marry with your daughter and you will try to decide the best candidate for your daughter. In addition, dreaming of lavender may represent that you will go shopping for your daughter’s marriage ceremony.

Sometimes, dreaming about lavender indicates that you will overcome your problems, get far away troubles, you will have a new social circle and feel comfortable and peaceful. It symbolizes better conditions and a healthy life. Alternatively, dream meaning of lavender may symbolize seeking spiritual satisfaction and mysticism.

To dream of planting lavender

To see that you are planting lavender in your dream indicates that you will live in welfare and peace. The dream denotes you and your family will have good luck in your life. Also, planting lavender is a sign of getting rid of people who saddle you with problems. You will write these people off and as a result you will find peace. If the dreamer wants to make a fresh start in his life, planting lavender represents he will be supported and encouraged by his family. Alternatively, dreaming that you are planting lavender suggests you will raise a goodhearted child and you will be proud of your child in the future.

Dream interpretation of picking lavender

To pick lavender in your dream represents that you will be in clear and far away your problems. Dreaming with picking lavender is interpreted as coming days in peace and ease. You will make your family very pleasant, reorganize your life and be a lovable and respected person in your social circle. 

Psychological interpretation of dreaming lavender

Psychological interpretation of  dreaming lavender symbolize very choosy, emphasis on cleanliness and sometimes unsocial people. Lavender may be a sign of anxieties and need for relaxation.