Dream Meaning of Kissing

To kiss in a dream refers to ease, comfort, calmness and tranquility.

To kiss cheek to cheek in your dream indicates that you will finish your troublous relationship or overcome problems in your relationship.

To kiss concupiscently in your dream signifies that you will write off a person or change your habit.

To kiss lip to lip with your partner or spouse in your dream indicates that you will move to more comfortable and large house. If you kiss with a person whom you don’t know, you will get rid of people who make you feel uncomfortable. If you kiss your mother, father, brother, sister lip to lip in your dream, you will harm people whom you love because of your own comfort and will.

To kiss your elders’ hand in your dream refers to relaxing news and suggestion coming from them. If you kiss the hand of a person who is younger than you, you will take support from an educated person to overcome your troubles and get rid of your troubles.

To see of kissing a small child in your dream refers to good son/daughter.

To dream that you kiss a person forcefully indicates that you will reach comfort as a result of your work. If a person try to kiss you forcefully in your dream, you will participate in a talk and overcome your spiritual problem sor get rid of your spiritual confusions by taking treatment.