Dream Meaning of Iron

To see iron in a dream means that you trust yourself, are talented and make a mistake. 

To do the ironing in in your dream may represent that by taking an initiative about an issue which many people don't make bold, you will overcome the problem and by this way, your name will spread in your environment. To do ironing reflects absolute success.

To see a person who does the ironing in your dream refers to a friend who will say your fault to you and lead you into the right way.

To see hot iron in your dream may represent that you have hesitations about an issue which you are close to act. If your hand burns because you touch on hot iron, you will make a wrong choice. If you hold the iron without burning, you will choose the right way.

To dream that you take an iron, take an iron as a gift means that you will have a job which you are able to use your abilities and experiences. If you buy an iron in your dream, it refers to spending’s which you will make for improving your own abilities.

To give an iron in your dream may suggest that by sharing an information you learned with a person who needs this, you will save the person from the trouble. If you give an iron to a person as a gift in your dream, it tells that you will do an emotional conversation with a person for your close friend or you.

To see an ironing board in your dream means that you will face with a Peron who deceives you or talks wrong things about you. If you buy an ironing board in your dream, this dream symbolizes that you will call someone to account by gaining power because of the injustices.

To throw an iron in your dream suggests that you will draw a new line to you by noticing your fault and you will be successful.

To see that the iron isn't working in your dream denotes that you will want help from a person who won't benefit to you, you will have a treatment which will be beneficial for you or you are busy with a job which won't bring benefit.

To do the ironing the animal with an iron in your dream may indicate that you will cheer a person who doesn't have hope up and you will encourage him/her about s/he will be better.