Dream Meaning of Hobgoblin

To see a hobgoblin a dream is good.

To dream that a hobgoblin speaks with you implies that you will have compensation or high bonus as soon as possible.

To have sex with a hobgoblin in your dream signifies that you will be happy with your partner and have good children in the future.

To see that your friend is a hobgoblin in your dream indicates that you will increase your profit by means of an advice, which you take from this person.

To dream that you are afraid of a hobgoblin may suggest that you will be a property owner. If you aren't afraid of it, it refers to money and property.

To dream that although you don't see it, you are disturbed and dismayed by a hobgoblin indicates that you will buy a house.

To have a conversation, walk and play with a hobgoblin in your dream indicates that you are mistaken about a person whom you know as bad person.

To dream that hobgoblins take on another people implies that these people need you and miss you.

If you see a hobgoblin at home in your dream, it symbolizes ornament and jewelry. If you see outside home, it refers to money turned on an honest penny.