Dream Meaning of Hat

To see a hat in your dream means that your moral increases, you will have courage, self-confidence and positive energy.  Alternatively, this dream tells that your self-confidence will come back and by this way, you will overcome the difficulties. If the hat is large and big, the person who wears the hat will encourage your relative by inspiring this person about an issue. If the hat is small and narrow, the person who wears the hat will overcome the problem which s/he faces.

To see a black hat in a dream refers to moral and self-confidence which will be had with a financial support. If you see a white hat, you will find moral from the sayings of a statesman. A colourful hat signifies happiness and motivation which will be had with the success of your relative.

To dream that there is something inside the hat or you hide something in the hat refers to lessons which you will have from an incident you will face.

To see of buying a hat in your dream may represent that you will be successful by undertaking a job which everyone is afraid of doing. If you sell a hat in your dream, it means that you will give responsibility to a person.

To dream that you take a hat from a person signifies that you will be with this person to solve his/her problems. If you give a hat to a person, you will want help from this person to solve your problems.

To see a tutam of hats in your dream implies that you will create some solutions about an issue you didn’t solve, an exam you didn’t pass or debt you didn’t pay. You will choose the appropriate solution and get rid of your troubles.