Dream Meaning of Guilty

Seeing the guilty person in the dream refers to an event which will completely change the ideas or arguments of that person, and that this event will be a turning point in life.

The dream points out to the recognition of the wrong paths chosen, one will get rid of misconceptions, recognize those which were wrong and especially make changes around them and focus on their true friendships.

To see yourself as guilty in your dream means starting to a relationship knowing that it is wrong or getting close to a married person or having money that you have not right for it. The dream expresses regret that will be experienced for the next period caused by a mistake usually due to the person’s greed and will.

This dream usually expresses the impossibility of returning back and will not forgive himself for the sin that he has committed for many years. It also indicates the discussions with someone who has rigid opinions and these arguments will upset you and may cause nervous breakdowns.

Seeing yourself as catching a guilty person indicates the good news that the dream owner will receive who wants to get rid of obsessions and free himself, will decide to be psychologically treated and get help, eliminate the anger inside him. And at the end,  she or he will continue his life as a more peaceful person and with having happy days with his loved ones.

If someone sees yourself as denying that she or he is guilty of committing a crime, this informs the dreamer for ending up in false or fraud situations. It is also the case that in the case of a tender or business partnership plans will end up difficult situations that the person never expects and deceiving situations may be occurred.

The psychological meaning of seeing guilty person in your dream points out that someone sees herself/himself as deserving every negativity that happened to him/her and cannot forgive himself, stuck in a mistake s/he has made in the past and who cannot delete it from his memory, and behaves self-destructively towards himself/ herself. It also signifies a person who is opposed to some of the accusations accepted by force.

To dream that you feel guilty about some issue relates to how you are handling your successes and failures or qualifications. You may feel underrated for your achievements. Or it may refer that you feel that you have let others down. Alternatively, the dream is symbolic of repressed and negative emotions that you keep about yourself.