Dream Meaning of Guide

To see a guide in your dream refers to traveling, transporting, conveying a promise to someone else, to a collector, the lord, the lord, or the barcodes. A guide in the dream shows that you should not leave your business to others.

To see a guide in the dream means that s/he has to do the work himself. And not to make your works to other people.

If the person is a guide in his/her dream, she or he will take on an important job. The someone goes after the guide, it means that this person will go under someone’s supervision.

Guide dreams are important. Anyone who sees that he is a guide in his dream, and if she or he pursuing other people besides himself/herself, this person is going to assigned for an important job, position, statue.  Many people will work with you.

To see or dream that you are a guide indicates that a ultimate power is guiding you towards your goals. You are on the right path for your personal targets or spiritual enlightenment.

Seeing that s/he is guiding others in the dream, guiding foreigners (tourists), is interpreted as a sign that the dreamer will begin to have returns of good deeds he or she has done before.

Dreaming guide is interpreted as travelling and journeys. Seeing a guide sometimes signifies a collector that collects goods of the taxpayers