Dream Meaning of Guest

To see a guest in your dream symbolizes new challenges, interests and new events that will occur  in your life. You are ready for new experiences right now.

Dream interpretation of being guest

To dream that you are a guest in a some other place, denotes a situation or an issue in your life that is temporary. Consider it as short time staying guest.

Dream meaning of too many guests

Too see guests in the dream generally considered as a good sign. It shows the  abundance that will come to the house. It means that the person who sees the visitor in the dream will have a son. The dream of a person who sees a visitor in a dream means that beautiful things will happen. The person who goes to somewhere as a guest in the dream means that the person and people who do not like him/her will be disturb his/her morale and motivation. When a person goes to a house as guest which s/he does not love, does not speak, or even has enmity between them, there will be a tension between those people. It is very generous that anyone who sees that they have something to eat or drink for their guests who has come to their house in their dream, will always see and live good things.

The guest represents the house in dreams. The guests who come home will be both happiness and wealth to experience, beautiful developments at home if the people in your dream are good and polite.

To see crowd in the dream signifies bad things to happen such as the news of difficult and bad conditions that one will fall into. To see the crowd in the house, if the crowd comes from the nice and beautiful people, it is a charm. Happy developments to be experienced in the household, joyful and good news at the same time, the abundance, income will increase.

To see yourself as a guest in your dream means that the discussion and problems in the household will come to an end in a short time and there will be a return that will be very peaceful and happy on this count, a great success in the work to be achieved with the brothers, or a situation will improve. To be a guest in a dream, means a good start make, great achievements in the works will be done, to have a good fortune, to help to a loved one to get rid of the troubles, and to become open.

Dream interpretation of inviting guests

To invite guests to dinner in your dream means that you will have everything you want in business and family life, thanks to your previous help to the other people, signifies an ending of a difficult period,to defeat jealous people, illuminating the darkness and being supported by one of the family elders. To invite guests in a dream and to offer something, signifies a start to nice union, to get married in a short time, to have a good family and to be very comfortable with conscience.

Dream interpretation of unexpected guests

To have a unexpected guest represents in your love life, a long time controversial relationship will soon be concluded, you will be more relaxed and more determined, will have a better chance. Uninformed guest arriving to your house in your dream and not welcoming the guest is pointing out that you will face many troubles so that you will have a hard time in your business life or in your family life, you will get a profit from a job even it has the potential to harm you.

Feeding guests dream interpretation

To feed guests in your dream represents that this person who will be the subject of magazine news which will be talked within the country in this business, making great achievements in the business life, trying to reduce some of the effects of the last time and trying to cope with some health problems. Feeding the guests who will stay for a night, in the dream is a sign of insecurity caused by the people around them and this feeling will cause problems in business life, increasing losses from day to day. Also it refers to greater profits with a new workplace to be established or starting a new job.

Women guests dream meaning

To see women guests in your dream denotes that the person will come to better places with a source. It is a manifestation that  the person will be more comfortable after using some prescriptions  for a short period of time, which will cure the problems which were turned into bottlenecks. It is said that food given to women guests in the dream suggests that you have reached the final stage of a difficult period and a success which will surprise many people and new doors will be opened for you.

Psychological Interpretation of Seeing Guests in a Dream

The guest points to two separate sides of the individual. On the other hand, it means that the individual is a social personality, that he is involved in society and that s/he is close to the people, on the other hand, while s/he is very  invisible to the people, s/he does not share joy, or sorrow and tears. This person is a character who is unstable, who lives in himself, who does not open the door for others, who does not like to talk or communicate, or who especially avoids this kind of environments. There are many positive and negative factors underlying  for both situations.