Dream Meaning of Glutton

To see that you are glutton in your dream signifies that you will be cheated.

Alternatively, you will be cheated from a person who is in immediate surroundings, you will continue to be cheated. To dream that you are slim or have normal kilo although you eat too much indicates that you will know about an issue which you are cheated and you will separate with your close friend.

To see that you eat with a gluttonous person in you dream symbolizes that you will learn an important information about your close friend but you won’t share this information because you don’t want to upset your friend. If this gluttonous person is a woman ,you will learn news about your relative and that will dissappoint your relative. If this person is a man, news which you will learn about your relative will create financial problems for your relative.

To see a gluttonous baby in your dream suggests that you will captive a person whom you like by showing yourself different.

To see a gluttonous child in your dream represents that you won’t win somebody's favour although you try again and again.