Dream Meaning of Flood

To see flood in a dream refers to fighting, acting and struggle.

To dream that flood is coming indicates that you will realize yourself and start a job which seems impossible and obstacles will emerge but you will overcome them easily.

To see flood as blurred and brown in your dream may represent that you will be successful without consuming power in the war or struggle and without being tired. If the water of flood is clear in your dream, it means that people whom you take part in the struggle will abandon you gradually and you will have to struggle alone.

To dream that the flood is very high and comes to you, encompasses the houses may indicate that you will leave at the end of your job with a big profit.

To see a city which is under the flood in your dream means that abundance will be too much in that city.

To see that the place where you live floods, the streets are full of water in your dream signifies that the epidemic illness which is seen in that place will be struggled on the whole.

To dream that your house floods denotes that one of your family will give up his/her own bad habits, get a job and bring a lot of extra income to the family.

To see that you drown in the water of flood in your dream may represent that you will exaggerate your jobs as much as you don't complete before the deadline and you will need some assistants.

To see house, car, commodities which drift in the flood in your dream means that at the end of the job which you enter into with ambition, you will have them.

To see animals which drift in the flood in your dream refers to enemies whom you will win at the end of the war and struggle. If the animals are too much, you will defeat a lot of enemies. The size of the animals reflects the power of your enemies which you defeat.

To see people which drift in the flood in your dream indicates that there will be people who will give financial support to you and close your faults, be with you during your journey.

To save an animal from the flood in your dream may imply that you will make your enemy feel small and take his/her prestige. If you save a person from the flood, it tells that you will put your friend who wants to harm you to shame with your behavior.