Dream Meaning of Factory

To see a factory in a dream denotes that money will come from a good place.

To see that you are a factory owner in your dream indicates that you will reach your goal regarding your job or show an increase in your job.

To see a factory chimney in your dream implies that your problems within family will disappear and the communication within family will be better. Alternatively, this dream signifies the continuation of family, the growth of family and new members who join the family.

To see factory fire in your dream may represent that you will have a good journey related to a family issue and this journey will be a particular concern to you.

To see a factory owner in your dream signifies that your friends want to be like you and envy you for some issues. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that there is a person who wants to be you but isn’t able to act because of his/her feelings towards you.

To see a factory manager in your dream may signify that you will meet with new people but you should be careful about your relationships with these people.

To dream that you build a factory indicates that you will confront bad news or event but overcome this bad event as soon as possible. You will turn this into an opportunity and everything will be all right.

To see of buying a factory in your dream indicates that your expectancies will be concluded positively and you will fulfill these expectancies with the help of one of your close friends.

Factory smoke in your dream may denote that there is a person whom you want to have in your life and your will will occur as soon as possible.

An old factory in your dream may represent that you work yourself into the ground too much and because of this you will have a long journey and meet with different people during your journey.

A new factory in your dream may indicate that you will be at odds with your friends and even if you upset for this issue, it means that this will be beneficial for you afterwards.