Dream Meaning of Devil (Evil)

To see the devil in your dream means that you will come back, compensate, treat the disease.

To stone the devil in your dream may indicate that you won’t be pleased with the product you bought and satisfy your need with another way.

To dream that you like the devil, you are attached to the devil suggests that you will overcome your disease as soon as possible.

To chase or exorcise the devil in your dream implies that you will make up to your relative and you will deal with the problems with this person. If you call up the devil in your dream, it tells that you will discuss with your friend and keep your distance from your friend.

To speak with the devil in your dream may represent that by noticing your faults you made recently, you will look for solutions to compensate them.

To dream that you fight with the devil suggests that one of your family will seek a solution for a disease and find it. If you win and beat the devil, you will find the solution without any pain. If you are defeated by the devil in your dream, this dream tells that the solution will take some time.

To make an agreement with the devil in your dream refers to a lesson against your fraud friend. You will reveal the game of the fraud person and save yourself from a bad condition.

To see the devil in the dress of a person in your dream indicates that you will get rid of harmful habits and drugs.