Dream Meaning of Dark Blue Color

To dream of dark blue indicates that you will be invited to an important meeting, which is reasonably beneficial for making a breakthrough in your business life. You probably will meet new and influencial people in this meeting. The dream of dark blue color may also be interpreted as your shyness and timidity which cause you to refrain from knowing new people and to apply for new jobs.

White color

Dreaming of white color is a sign of happiness and peace after you have struggled lots of problems. Also, white color in the dream may symbolize innocence and purity. To see white color in your dream may indicate that you will regret commiting sins and you will try to correct your mistakes.


To see purple color in your dream depicts success and a good career after some slowdown in your business life. It denotes that you will be recognized by lots of people and you will rise to fame due to your studies. Alternatively, dream meaning of purple may be a sign of spiritual vibration.

Red color

Dreaming with red color implies a passionate love or an infatuation which will be in the spots. Alternatively, to see red color in your dream may represent feeling anger. The dream may denote a great and violent debate among couples.

Black color

Black color in the dream indicates that you will earn lots of money, get rich and gain wealth due to making good in your works. Also, dreaming with black color may be a sign of mystery, magic or sophistication.

Green color

Dream meaning of green color may be interpreted as achieving success and obtaining what you want in your business life and social life. To see green color in your dream may represent healing and welfare. Green color suggests plentifulness and prosperity which provide your family live in clover.