Dream Meaning of Compass

To see compass in a dream indicates that you will trust and obey and accept.

To see compass in your dream may represent that you will be successful by acting with the advices of experienced people and your elders.

To see that you take compass in your dream indicates that you will find a way to get out of trouble and in a short time you will relax by applying this.

To give a compass to a person in your dream symbolizes that people will attach importance to your words and you will guide a community and do mentorship.

To see a compass that shows the wrong directions or a broken compass may imply that you will seem that you are take care of jobs you don't love in order to affect the person you love. You will behave differently to get the job and you will be successful.

To dream that you drop a compass from a place or a compass drops to the water indicates that a person whom you earn trust for a long time will hesitate because of your behaviour and s/he loses trust for you.