Dream Meaning of Cigar

To see cigar in your dream may represent that you won't want help from anybody because of your pride, you lose a lot of time as you want to find a solution by yourself. 

To see or dream that you are smoking a cigar represents that by hiding your troubles from your friends, you try to seem happier and by this way, you can create temporary solutions. Alternatively, this dream tells that by exaggerating your success too much, you draw a spoiled image in the eyes of people who appreciate you. 

To smoke a cigar with chocolate in your dream means that a fake story which you told for show off will happen and reach your heritage you dream gradually. 

To offer cigar in your dream suggests that you won't say no to a person who wants help from you. If cigar is offered to you in your dream, it denotes that you will use money left with the purpose of consignment in order to close your debts.

To see of taking cigar in your dream means that by making a good plan, you will overcome a difficulty by yourself. In order to provide this, you have to give up your personal issues for a while.