Dream Meaning of Carpet

To see a carpet in your dream represents that you will have a boarding guest and fulfill your longing with this guest.

To see of buying a carpet in your dream may represent that you are in the period of squandering about financial issue. You should be careful about spending money in this period.

To see of selling a carpet in your dream indicates beauties and happiness which you will have with your spouse.

To see small carpets in your dream may represent that your guests will be pleased as they go.

To dream that you weave carpet symbolizes a pet which you will buy.

To see very long carpet in your dream refers to marriage.

To see a red carpet in your dream may denote that you will set up a business which brings profit in financial issues or you will work for this job. You will perpetuate this job for a long time.

To dream that you aren't able to fit a carpet in a room may represent that your office will have a continuation and you will get good profit from this office.

To see a carpet store in your dream may means that you will come to the forefront with your conversations in an organization, people in your friendship environment will mention about you well.

To see that the carpet is very dirty in your dream may represent that you will have some problems in your relationship but these problems will fix as soon as possible. In addition, these will be better.

To see a white carpet and this carpet gets dirty in your dream signifies that you will learn lesson from your faults and make efforts not to happen these incidents.

To pour something on the carpet in your dream means that you will get rid of routines in your relationship and seek new excitements for yourself.