Dream Meaning of Butter

To see butter in a dream means that the question marks in your mind will disappear and you will be sure of yourself. 

To see of eating butter in your dream indicates that one of your enemies will raise a lie about your close friend in order to mystify. If you see a person who eats butter in your dream, this dream signifies an opportunity which you missed because you didn’t trust your friend and negative responses which your friend gives because of this.

To dream that you lay on butter on the bread suggests that you will be relaxed because you will understand that a disease you doubted of having doesn’t exist in reality.

To see butter together with honey in your dream implies that you will get rid of troubles. You will do successful jobs by having important life experiences and permanent friendships with experiences which you get from your troubles.

 To see that you make butter or butter is made in your dream indicates that you will send people to wrong ways by deceiving them. You will beat your rival or reveal a deceiver.

 To buy, sell or make trade the butter in your dream suggests that a person whom you support or love will be successful in politics and come to high status in public administration.

To add butter into the meal or see buttered meal in your dream means that you will buy a valuable or service with cheaper price than the actual value.

 To see an old butter with insects in your dream forewarns you that a person who deceived you before will try to come close to you friendly again and want to gain your trust.

To see melted butter in a dream refers to doubt which will disappear spontaneously.

To throw butter into the basket in your dream denotes that you will make your friend happy by not believing in fake rumors about the person whom you love and your friendship will become stronger.