Dream Meaning of Brothel

To see brothel in a dream refers to a marriage or job in a distant place. These dreams symbolize distance and abundance of time.

If you are single and see a brothel in your dream, it may represent that you will move to another city after you get married or go to another city because of education and job. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will find extra time and help which facilitates your job to finish your work which you are responsible for.

To see of going to a brothel in your dream may indicate that you will send one of your friends off to a distant city. You will find the solution of an issue which you didn’t come up with in a foreign country.

To see that you are working for a whore house in your dream may represent that you will start to develop an intimacy with a person whom you see far away from yourself. Alternatively, it also means that an opportunity in a distant country will come near you.

To see that you escape from a whore house or try to escape from it in your dream may indicate that you won’t go an invitation which comes from a distant place, you will refuse a profitable offer by using distances as an excuse.