Dream Meaning of Bird

Seeing in a bird in your dream refers to both good and bad things. If you see a bird in your dream that you have never seen before, that refers to fortune and profit. If this bird takes something from a house and if there is someone with a disease in that house, that refers to the decease of this ill person. Seeing a big bird in your dream indicates good things. It refers to a strong, and wealthy person with a high status. It is a beautiful and good news that will be heard to see a beautiful and lovely bird in a dream, and a bird that is creepy and unloving points to a hurdle which would be a nuisance to the contrary. Seeing a white bird is interpreted as the signs of enlightenment, serenity and good things.

Seeing a Bird In Your Dream

Seeing a bird in a dream refers to good incidents. Such as wealth and good fortune and increase in livelihood.The person who sees a bird in his dream enjoys developments in his business and prosperity. For dream interpreters; there are many interpretations according to what bird it is you have seen in your dream. According to dream interpreters, birds seen in the dream are interpreted in different ways. As soon as you promote in a short period of time to get rid of all the troubles and plenty of money will be in your hand. Fame and fortune will come and yours will be a good name to be mentioned.

Talking To Birds In Your Dream

Talking to birds in your dream refers to maturity. The person who sees himself talking to a bird in his dream will be mature in the face of an unpleasant event to be experienced and will assume a humble attitude. This dream is sometimes a messenger and sign of good news. A person who had such a dream will be very happy in the shortest time and will receive a message of peace.

Seeing Tweeting Birds In A Dream

Tweeting birds in your dream do not signify good news. It refers to bad events for the community, pointing out a mess, it means that the community is in a rubble. If the bird has a beautiful voice and a chant, this dream is a sign of happy days. It can point out that you will spend a happy life in your work and private life that you have a fortunate and lucky period in every sense.

Seeing A White Bird  In Your Dream

It is a very good to see a white bird in your dream. Your job that you entered will result in your favour. It is a sign of very good incidents that you will experience.  This good incident might be a job or a marriage. If you want to get married, you will meet someone who you will like so much and you will be very happy to be in a marriage. If you are unemployed, you will find a job that you will earn good money and be good at.

Seeing A Dying Bird In Your Dream

The death of the bird in the dream does not point to the things that are good, it indicates sorrow and distress. If the bird dies in the hands of the owner of the dream, it is a bad sign that will deeply influence the owner of the dream. And sometimes, this dream refers to hardship and loss of money in your business life.

Seeing A Giant Bird In Your Dream

Seeing an enormous sized bird in your dream signifies how patient and persistent you are for some things you desire and your calmness and your willingness to continue with your successful work. This dream is sometimes a sign of getting a fairly large profit, a wealth of goods or a great miracle that will make you feel comfortable for the rest of your life.

Seeing Many Singing Birds In Your Dream

Seeing that many birds gather in a place in your dream and see them sing bird songs is a tragedy that will happen in that place. This dream indicates that some of the opportunistic and compromising people who come out of the society and they will cause suffer and damage as the result of their deeds.

Seeing a Bird Flies Away from Your Hand in Your Dream

This dream means that you won't be able to utilize some of the opportunities that you find. The person who sees this dream loses the gains he has made by making some mistakes in private or business life. Or he will cause heartbreak to a loved one as the result of his mistakes. If the bird in your hand has flown back to you, this dream is the good news that your desires will come true, that the days of your nearness are approaching, and that your fortune is turning.

Seeing that a bird rips off a part of your body In Your Dream

Seeing that a bird rips off a part of your body means some bad friendships you have started long ago and they are now hurting you in both spiritual and financial ways. This dream usually indicates a person's suffering or distress. For this reason, anyone who sees this dream should pay attention and choose the people around him very carefully especially for these days.

Having A Bird In Your Dream

If you have or own a bird in your dream that means you are going to get married. If you are married already, that means you will have a child. This dream especially refers to your son or daughter. For those who have children, this dream is a sign that the child will be a very good person in the future and earn enough money to overcome his troubles in his family. The person who had a dream that he owns a bird in his dream may own a car or a house in real life.

Seeing Migratory Birds In Your Dream

Seeing migratory birds in your dream refers to a new start in your life. This new start can either be in your private life or business life. It can also mean a new job or to find a person that will be your wife/husband. For some interpreters, migratory birds refer to a change in your place. Those who see this dream may go from a place to another. And they start a life in there. It can also be a sign of a trip, nightly travel going to stay there or leaving the family, and building a new life for yourself.

Seeing Unknown Bird Species In Your Dream

An unknown bird in your dream refers to the angel Azrael. If an unknown bird enters into a house, which means there will be someone ill in this house. Seeing an unknown bird flying over a community is a sign of disgrace or damage to the people of that region.

Seeing An Edible Bird In Your Dream

Seeing a bird that has edible meat on his body is a sign that someone is being provided with a good supply, that he makes his livelihood through beautiful paths, and that he has plenty of abundances. Or sometimes, this refers to good fortune for the one who sees the dream. It refers to a lucky year in every way.

Seeing An Aquatic Bird In Your Dream

Anyone who sees water birds in their dreams will make a journey on land or in the sea. This dream especially refers to a journey. If a person aspires to go somewhere else from somewhere, he sees this dream, he reaches the point where he wants to release his burden, and he returns home to health again.

Seeing a Bird Fall on Your Head in Your Dream

When you stand in a dream, suddenly you see a bird dropping in your head, that indicates a very crowded group of guests will arrive soon. It sometimes refers to good fortune, the abundance of livelihood and earning your bread on the right path.

Seeing An Ugly Bird In Your Dream

The person who sees an ugly bird in his dream receives news that he will be unhappy with. This dream is a sign of embarrassment, to be in some grief as a result of some information, or to show that some things that he wants are not actually good for him. Ugly birds also refer to haram profits and wrongdoings in your business life. The person who sees this dream works for money and goods that will not be a benefit for him.

Seeing Bird Faeces  in Your Dream

Bird faeces refer to good luck. If you have seen this kind of a dream, that means good fortune will find you. But this dream especially refers to mundane properties. That means you will be respected because of what you have and how you look.

Seeing A Vulture In Your Dream

A vulture in your dream is usually not a good thing. This dream tires to lose one's glory and honour, to go out of his office, or to the people who rule that people will soon be gone, or that someone who is in a very high position within the statesmen will die.

Seeing A Bird Trap In Your Dream

Anyone who sees a bird trap in his/her dream will achieve a long-awaited desire or a passion. This dream sometimes marks the presence of someone sought, the punishment of the criminals, the seek of the right path, the escape of a slander against him, or the emergence of injustice.

Seeing A Baby Bird In Your Dream

There are various interpretations for baby birds in a dream. It sometimes refers to a son which means that if a married person sees that dream, he may have a son. And sometimes this dream is interpreted as bad actions and fornication. Seeing a bird feeding a baby bird indicates that you will do deeds of sin as a result of bad actions or that people will see you badly because of your bad behaviour.

Seeing A Bird Wing In Your Dream

A bird wing in a dream refers to properties and status. Seeing a bird flapping its wings refers to prosperity. A broken bird wing means that your business will not do good for a while. You will lose some of your belongings and you won't be able to make a profit. It refers to hardship and dark days to come.

Seeing A Bird Beak In Your Dream

Seeing bird beak in the dream is a sign of glory and fame but it sometimes refers to talking too much, to lie while talking, or to make mistakes because of constant talk. One who sees a bird beak in his/her dream obtains properties. If you see something is emerging from a bird's beak, this means you will be in a high status.