Dream Meaning of Becoming a Father

is an indication of good opportunities and a good relationship for a single person. For a married man on the other hand, it signifies having a baby in reality. The dream, brings a fast-paced but a peaceful living, and also an increase in responsibility with the baby. It is generally interpreted positively, indicates support in every issue and a bright future in every area.

Dream meaning of becoming a dad to a girl

To become a father to a girl symbolizes to overcome every difficulty and a peaceful atmosphere in the family. Specifically, a solution for an ongoing problem for a long time and no more problems. For bachelors, it means marriage with a previously married woman, for married men it means having a baby.

Dream meaning of becoming a father to a boy

To become a father to a boy on the other hand, symbolizes to meet a woman in abroad and marry her. If a woman sees herself as a father of a boy, it refers to a big disaster in her life. For a married person who has also a baby, this dream brings an issue about family heritage, by which there will be some money coming into that will save his life. To have a baby boy denotes a big success and an esteem among friends and within family.

The psychologic interpretation of becoming a father

The psychologic interpretation is to have power. The person tries to hide his inner weakness with his success in life. It means an overemphasizing on money and power.