Dream Meaning of Baby Cry

Hearing a baby cry in your dream indicates that you have a spiritual gap in your life and you often feel worried, scared and sad. It also means that you avoid meeting new people because you think they will bring even more trouble in your life.

Nursing A Crying Baby In Your Dream

If you see yourself nursing a baby in your dream, it indicates that you will get help from someone you hold dear, all your problems will be solved and your family will compliment on your work and lifestyle after some troubled times. It also symbolizes the support and help you will get from your family and friends if you get in trouble.

Hushing A Crying Baby In Your Dream

Hushing a crying baby in your dream indicates that you will gain a great success in your business and personal life with the help from your elderly family members. It means that you will be successful more than ever. It may also mean that you will face some problems in your business life and you will try new ways to overcome this situation. By doing so, you will both make things right and make a big profit.