Dream Meaning of Wudu

Seeing wudu in the dream is to be good morals, good-willing and loving people to do, to find the right path, to be mighty and supreme volunteer. Making wudu in a dream always points to good and beautiful things. It is also interpreted that the dream owner is in a difficult situation to receive happy news or to live such events, to find solutions to his/her problems, to find healing in troubles. This dream means that being a repentant, with the right to go and the relinquishers to find the right path again and to have an eternal peace of mind. The person who sees that he has received his full wudu in his dream means that he will get rid of all kinds of troubles.

Making wudu in the dream and making prayer

When a person sees that he has made wudu in his dream and made a prayer, this person will attain all kinds of wishes  and live the greatest happiness.

Making Wudu on the Mosque

Making wudu in the mosque in the dream reveals to the faithful person who will give from his property or money then the dreamers wishes will happen.

Seeking water for making wudu

Seeking water for the wudu in the dream means that seeking solutions to the problems that will be faced in the way to one's goals.