Dream Meaning of Wine

To see wine in a dream refers to woman.

To drink wine in your dream signifies a woman who joins your life and puts your life into order. If you see a person who drinks wine in your dream, this dream tells that this person will take assistance from a woman from his/her family.

To dream that you pour wine represents that a woman who is important in your life will go to a distant place and this will affect you negatively.

To see an empty wine bottle in your dream may indicate an advice who will save you from trouble and come from a woman relative or mother. If the bottle is full, you will regret because you didn’t listen this woman.

To see wine glass in your dream refers to important decisions which you will have soon. If you hold wine glass, you will decide by yourself. If you see wine glass in another person’s hand, you will allow a woman to take an important decision.

To see a broken wine glass in your dream may represent that you will make peace again with a woman.

To pour wine in your dream means that you will take help from a woman. If the poured wine is too much, the aid coming from this woman will big.

A red wine in your dream refers to a woman who is good and doesn’t think bad things. A white wine in your dream implies a woman who does something behind your back.

To dream that the taste of wine is bitter indicates that you will be abandoned by a woman. If the taste of wine is sweet, it refers to a woman who will be always with you.