Dream Meaning of Wind

To see wind in your dream may represent that you will make a decision, be strong-minded.

To see blowing in your dream indicates that you will make decisions about yourself and environment. These decisions will be confronted with respect.

To dream that the wind doesn’t give harm means that you will be quiet about an issue, the issue will be solved by itself without growing because you kept quiet. If the wind topples the objects and commodities in environment, it denotes that you will be dominant in your new environment and people will follow your decisions.

To see wind as hurricane in your dream is very good. You will be boss in your job, leader within your family, senior manager in state administration.

If the wind blows above the sea, a group of people coming from a distant place will want your advice about an issue. You will pave the way for these people about a science by means of your aid.

To dream that the wind blows away you means that the respect which you have in your environment will be envied by another people, people talk behind you, but these people will be faced with an impact, a majority of people protects you.

To dream that the sound of wind whirries means that the intensity of this resonance will indicates that there are people who follow your way and love you.