Dream Meaning of Waiter

To see a waiter in your dream indicates that you will show ingratitude, won't struggle on with something. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will be declared innocent from an issue which you were blamed for unfairly. If you see a waitress in your dream, it symbolizes inconsistent behaviors which you have in your relationship. Because of this, you break your spouse's heart.

To see your relative as a waiter in your dream may symbolize a person who closes your gaps, smoothes over your cracks but isn't valuable for you.

To dream that you are a waiter or waitress indicates that you will see the opportunities which nobody sees, get big profits by attaching importance to a subject which nobody pays attention. The dream may also symbolize that you will work for a profitable but modest job.

To see of speaking with a waiter in your dream may imply that you won't struggle on with something. If you fight or have a discussion with a waiter in your dream, it means that you will show ingratitude against a person who did you a favor.

To dream that a waiter brings meal or water, serve to the customers indicates that your friend will forgive your mistake; you will get one more chance in a competition which you lost.

To see that a waiter drops the things in his hand, breaks the plates or pours something into your clothes in your dream may refer to antique work of art. You will spend money for old things.