Dream Meaning of Wage Increase

To see a wage increase in a dream refers to aid, forgiveness, toleration and coming together.

To see a wage increase on foods and beverages in your dream signifies a surprise party which people will do for you.

To see a wage increase on clothes, staffs, places or fuels in your dream indicates that your friends will help you because of one of your troubles by coming together.

To dream that the wage increase is too much means that people who will help you in your problematic times will be too much.

To see a rise in your salary in your dream suggests that you will do jobs which your family members will be proud of.

To see that you will raise the sale price on the products you sell in your dream symbolizes that you will take the property of a brutal person.

To see that you increase the salary of a person who works with you in your dream indicates that you will gain prestige by ignoring the small mistakes done to you.

To dream that one of your employees wants wage increase from you denotes that you will take an offer from a brutal person in order to earn bad money.

To see that you want a wage increase to your salary in your dream may represent that if the wage increase request is accepted, one of your faults will be forgiven by an elder. If the wage increase request isn't accepted or is postponed, it means that it takes some time to make your fault forgiven.