Dream Meaning of Sick Father

means that the person will get hurt by the people he has trusted before and have some disagreements with his family. It can also be interpreted by losing someone in the family or a failure in business and therefore falling into disrepute. If the father is alive, he gets better. However, for the dreamer it indicates that he will turn in on himself because of the distrust and knavery shown by his family.

To make one’s father sick is a sign of big unhappiness for the dreamer. He faces with unexpected accidents and for married couples it symbolizes a break up. Religiously, it also represents a huge sin and he needs to apologize in a short time.

To see one’s father in bed because of sickness is the point where hopes are exhausted. It signifies misfortune and by the sequence of big mistakes, eventually put his family in a bad situation. For wealthy people, the dream might be interpreted as manipulation and distress.

The psychological interpretation of this dream is that the dreamer has low self-esteem because of the lack of affection experienced in his childhood. It symbolizes characteristically weak and helpless people.