Dream Meaning of Salad

To make salad in a dream refers to change in environment or it also denotes that you will change your life area intentionally. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will take support or favor from a crowded community.

To see of eating salad in a dream may indicate that you will have a business trip or short term holiday or journey.

To see salad plate in your dream signifies that you will hear favorable news with a surprise support regarding news which is expected negative.

To dream that you clean vegetables for salad denotes shopping, old goods and renewal of clothes.

To add salt to salad in your dream symbolizes that you will set up business in a short term and be successful in this job.

To eat bread with salad in your dream indicates that your belief and works will go toward goodness, you will look positively by increasing your inner peace.

To see that you make the salad eaten in your dream suggests that you will have peace in a negative issue thanks to your patience.

To squeeze the lemon or add vinegar into the salad in your dream indicates that you will constitute a planned process related to your life and you will take support from your close friend during this process.