Dream Meaning of Railroad (Railway)

To see a railroad in a dream refers to obstacles and destiny. If you see a railroad made from iron in your dream, it means that you will reach the success by overcoming the obstacles in order to reach your goal.

To see a railroad made from wood in your dream implies that as you overcome the obstacles, you will behave emotionally and upset yourself.

To dream that the railway is over suddenly may represent that you will conclude a job successfully and start to do a new study without break.

To see a railway bridge in your dream suggests that the obstacles will be eliminated without your realization by another person and this will smooth the way for you.

To dream that the railway is complex implies that you will have a family problem which you should solve as soon as possible.

To walk on the railroad in your dream means that you will gain profit at the end by entering into a dangerous job. If you proceed on the railroad by a vehicle except train, you will give harm to your friend by telling a lie for reaching your aim.

To see that the railroad lines up smoothly in your dream indicates that you won’t be cheated by material things and you won’t behave wrongly.