Dream Meaning of Pee

To see pee in a dream refers to boy, educated seatmate and gift. If you see pee in the middle of the room, it symbolizes an enemy who leads to a job for the benefit of you as s/he tries to throw mud at you. 

To pee in a box or glass in your dream is telling you that you will evaluate an old commodity, get rid of expenses thanks to an old commodity or opinion.

To dream that you pee means that you will have a small gift but you will be very happy because of the person who gives the gift. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you are studying or you will have more successful results than your rivals by beginning to prepare the exam early. If you see a person who pees in your dream, it refers to a person who is waiting for beautiful statements or gift from you.

To see a baby who pees in your dream implies that you will build a happy nest or you will lead to a person who builds a happy nest.

To see a dog, cat or any kind of animal who pees in your dream signifies that you will make friend with adulterer then you will be affected from people around him/her. The pee of animal refers to forbidden by religion and adultery.

To dream that you aren’t able to pee and have difficulty to pee indicates that you will find a person whom you will consign your commodity. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will be late for your meeting and because of this you will have economic damage.

If you see a person who couldn’t pee and has difficulty to pee in your dream, it symbolizes a boy who shares his doing with you because he is ashamed of yourself.

To hold pee in a dream denotes that you save time, meet with a person helping you or whom you will share your secret.

To drink pee in your dream implies that you will do business with state, act with news coming from an official place, the time of a compulsory mission lapses.

To dream that you make somebody pee implies that there will be a lot of gift, which you serve to your guest. Because of this, you will pleased your guest and succeed to receive support from him/her.

To smell pee in your dream refers to an intellectual person who leads to the right path. A brilliant idea will come to your mind.

To dream that pee smudges to your clothes implies that there will be people who try to underestimate your success.

To soil your clothes with pee in your dream indicates that you will make a mistake as a result of misfortune in a job, which you use, your abilities but you will find one more chance for compensation. Alternatively, it means that you will make your work into a business and gain much profit.