Dream Meaning of Open Mouth

This dream indicates building Stones of your life. It means that you make your own way and predestinate with new decisions or just the contrary you punctuate old decisions. Also, it refers to all determinants in your life routine. You should determine what you want or not want, you should organize your life and decide your future.

Dream Meaning of Mouth Sore

The meaning of this dream is not a good one and it does not refer to beneficial things. It means disappointment, unreturned efforts, hopelessness and sadness.

Dream Meaning of a Big Mouth

If you see your mouth bigger than its real size in your dream, it means that you will be in trouble because of your talking without thinking.

Dream Meaning of Slavering

It indicates that you will be happy but it will not ocur directly about you, it is about someone else and you will be happy for this person.

Dream Meaning of Vomiting Mouthful

This dream indicates bad and troubled days. You will be regretful about something and you will begin to be careful after this experience.