Dream Meaning of Hotel

To see a hotel in a dream refers to display, magnificence and show off. If the hotel is big in your dream, this dream tells that you will draw attention of people too much because of your job or your relationship and you will be envied.  

To see a hotel in the middle of the sea, lake or water in your dream indicates that you will reach your desires which seem unattainable one by one and even you will be surprised for your obtainings. If you see a hotel in the forest in your dream, it means that you will easily reach the wealth which many people have spent big money for thanks to your experiences. Also, you will spend smaller money for reaching it.

To see a hotel at the mountains in your dream may represent that you will have a magnificent and luxurious life as a result of big efforts. However, you will be alone because you will make people angry while you are having this.

To see of staying in a hotel in your dream indicates that you will hear a profitable offer for a commodity or property you bought recently and you will accept this offer. The hotel room in your dream refers to your eternity life. If you see a narrow and small hotel room in your dream, it is telling you a troublous and bad life spiritually. If you see a large and ease hotel room in your dream, it suggests that you will have a comfortable life without having any problem both in the world and eternity life spiritually and materially.

To dream that you are going to a hotel symbolizes a kind invitation which you take from your relative.

To see that you check in at the hotel and live there constantly in your dream means that you will have property and money which are sufficient for perpetuating of your life without working.

To see that you are working at the hotel in your dream implies that you will spend money which one of your family earns and effort which s/he makes extravagantly because of your beer and skittles.