Dream Meaning of Foul Breath

It is an indicator of someone who is meddlesome, tactless and irrational. This person lies and and spreads rumour, he does not hesitate to make an exhibition of himself.

Dream Meaning of Having Bad Breath

If you feel a bad breath in your dream, you are seen as a repellent nouveau riche because of your boast about the money and that’s why you will be ostracized.

Dream Meaning of Bad Breath of Someone

This dream shows that you will be demoralized and bored because of some certain situations. You will have rough days.

Dream Meaning of Phlegm

This dream means being wealthy. It shows that you will be rich in future, you will have luxurious and comfy life.

Dream Meaning of Spitting on the Floor

It means that you earn money by doing unjust, fraudulent things. You will be reach but you also be cursed for your cruelty.

Dream Meaning of Saliva

It is an indicator of compliments which make you happy and praise you. Generally this dream has a meaning of pleasantness, joy and peace. You will be surprised.