Dream Meaning of Crying Quietly

To see that you are crying in your dream refers to happiness.

To dream that you are crying and your tears pain your eyes and cheeks refers to happy news. If you see that you feel coldness from your tears in your dream, you will disagree with your friend about one issue.

To see that you are crying friendlily and quietly in your dream refers to relief. 

To see of crying by shouting in your dream implies that the relief will ocur soon. 

To dream that you don’t shed tears although you are crying  indicates that you will have a property or inheritance easily.

To see that you shed tears although you aren’t crying  signifies that you will get divorced.

To see hot tears or blood while you are crying in your dream signifies regret due to a crime. 

To see that an animal or a plant is crying in your dream may represent that an abundance will be seen at that year.