Dream Meaning of Cloud

To see cloud in your dream refers to interest and benefit, property and abundance, benefit and people that will be utilized.

To see cloud in your dream suggests that you will establish intimacy with a person who isn't loved in order to derive personal benefits.

To see of holding and catching cloud in your dream implies that you will be rich.

To dream that everywhere is thick with clouds refers to the money increase. You will find new ways to earn money.

To see that clouds are acting rapidly in your dream symbolizes the increase of your abundance.

To see cloud in the night in your dream refers to a reputable boss or statesman who will support you. The person who sees cloud in the night achieved to influence people easily.

To see cloud in the morning in your dream indicates that you will be mentioned for an important work thanks to people praising you. You will start to have an exciting job or relationship thanks to people swearing by you.

To see white cloud in your dream indicates that you will have a lot of opportunities thanks to a rich person whom you envy. The black cloud symbolizes a person won't keep your promise.

To see gray cloud in your dream may represent that a person around you will make his/her intention clear. S/he will try to put temptation in your way and you will be confused.

To see colourful clouds in your dream may suggest that you will show off with your commodities that you have later.

To see clouds in your house in your dream indicates that your will exaggerate your show off and people will react.

To dream that streets and ways are thick with clouds implies that you will do works by putting the others forward without having risk. It denotes to earn money without risk.

To sit on the cloud in your dream signifies that one of your old friends, your co-partner or your partner will envy you.

To rise to the clouds in your dream refers to more commodities than your expectancies.

To dream that the clouds burn indicates that because of an unfair reason, you will abandon a person or a job which is advantageous for you.

To dream that there is cloud above only one house refers to abundance within that house. To dream that there is cloud above one commodity or person signifies that newer commodity will be bought and the person's income will increase.