Dream Meaning of Bone

To see bone in your dream may denote that you will have power, stand on your own feet, be ambitious, get achievements by studying.

To see bones around in your dream may suggest that you will get powerful in terms of spirity and body, you will destroy the attacks which made you tired before easily from now on.

To see human bones in your dream refers to a person who brings happiness. If you see animal bones in your dream, it denotes a person who adds power to your power.

To hold the bone or play with the bone in your dream indicates that you will take charge, have respectability with your ambition and information.

To see that you eat bone, gnaw on bone in your dream may forewarn you that you will give harm to yourself because of your excess ambition and your enemies will beat you easily because of this your temper. If you see that another person eats bone in your dream, it refers to a stupid enemy.

To see that a cat, dog or any kind of animal eats bone in your dream may represent that everything will be all right, you will have an enemy whom you will beat.

To see that you cook or boil the bone in your dream signifies that you will overcome the troubles which make you angry by approaching more slowly.

To see of breaking, cutting the bone in your dream may represent that you will enter into a period which you will be successful without any help and get rid of people who are burden for you.

To see that your own bones are broken in your dream indicates that a job or person whom you are besotted with too much will make you blind and because of this reason, you will miss many opportunities without realization.

To dream that you skin the bone means that you will wangle words out of a person who doesn't share his/her knowledge and you will be common for a valuable information which some people know.

To see that your bones melt in your dream indicates that a person who is in disfavour will want help from you and a person who doesn't give benefit will want to be a partner with you.

To see a bone from any place of your body in your dream means that you will be successful in a job which you entered into by means of the advices of people. Also, it says that you will have a happy love with a person whom your friends introduced.