Dream Meaning of Blasphemy

Seeing blasphemy in a dream is a sign of bad luck and evil. This dream points to all kinds of melancholy, troubles and problems. And a peaceful life will be nowhere to be found, the dream owner will be sleepless; stressful and sad days will come. It is also interpreted as being in a state of slander and defamation and involving in court situations. Legal obstacles and disputes in the field of business will also hinder and slow down your business and legal appeals will take place.

Being a Blasphemer In Your Dream

According to Islamic scholars, it is a dream which means to shirk, abandoning your religion and to lose faith. And this dream points out that one must absolutely repent and ask God's forgiveness. It takes the enemy to win and to fight with the enemies, to humiliate everyone, to be found in behaviours to break the dignity, and to be embarrassed afterwards. The dream which is interpreted to loss of all respectability and being excluded by friends and is also interpreted that the dreamer who is in bad behaviour and will gradually live a lonely life.

Being a Blasphemer Against Your Wife In Your Dream

This dream is a sign of a third person who will enter into the relationship between the dream owner and his wife, this person will bring bad mouth and the long-lasting coldness. It especially refers to the unwanted conversations and fights between your loved ones and you.

Blasphemy To God In Your Dream

Blasphemy or cursing at God in the dream means that the person who sees the dream will make very big mistakes, that he will be infected with hoax and fraud, and he will be defeated in his own way and will enter into bad roads. It signifies that the dream owner will consciously leave the path of right and enter into great sins.

Cursing At Someone In Your Dream

It is interpreted that anyone who sees himself cursing at someone in a dream will feed the grudge, that the person who sees the dream will be confronted with a great fight with the friends so that the troublesome days will pass and he will not hear again the name of the person he has fought.

Cursing At Your Father In Your Dream

It is not a sign of good fortune and it is a portent of troubles. After the irrecoverable mistakes he made, the dream owner will not be given forgiveness, he won't be able to compensate for the error he made, a regret that will be here to stay for his lifetime. This dream signifies a devastating and miserable life, which is also said to break illegal activities, play gambling and ruin his life with harmful habits such as alcohol, and this deed will be revealed.

Psychological Interpretation Of Blasphemy In Your Dream

Those who constantly criticize themselves and those who have inferiority complexes cannot live as they desire with their lack of confidence due to lack of self-esteem, that they have been reluctant to communicate and come forward in their relationships.