Dream Meaning of Beating Someone

A dream about beating something or beating a person up physically means there is something important to you that you need to address. This is a warning to ensure that everything you carry out in your life takes others into consideration, and more importantly other people's feelings. If you are beating others in your dream, like winning a game, then this dream suggests you have power over others. This may be a good thing; however, it is important to treat people with respect and dignity in order to reap the rewards in the future. To dream that you are beating someone at a game is usually, however, a positive omen. If you have been involved in violence or a fight within your dream, and you have been beaten up, then this suggests you could have been running away from some responsibilities you took on quite willingly. You may now be realizing that these situations are preventing you from reaching a closure.

Having Someone Beaten in Dream

A fight or beating in general suggests that enemies could surround you. If the beating in your dream occurs in the army, it means danger and unrest, but also difficult times in regard to your romantic life. Beating someone and winning suggests that you will triumph in a trial. If you are fighting with a wild beast, it means that you will defeat your enemies. Beating many people and winning is the sign of obtaining fulfillments with great effort only. A dream involving beating in general suggests that you should bridle your anger. To beat a runner in a race indicates that you are going to have happy times ahead. To beat someone at sports point to good relationships. This dream often points out that you have experienced trouble in the past and it is likely to end soon. However in general feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of beating someone are upset, anxious, confused, scared, angry, weak, afraid, running.

Getting Beaten in Dream

If in your dream you were beaten by your partner or loved one, this foretells that your love life will be disturbed by a new occurrence, but it can also suggest your fear of the opposite sex. Beating dough in your dream predicts good news is coming your way. Getting beaten or hit anything with a hammer means happy marriage and good business. Many people beating each other in a dream suggest disorder. From another perspective, to dream that someone is beating you is usually a bad sign and you may have a family dispute.  Getting beaten is the omen of victory in facing your daily conflicts for your waking life.