Dream Meaning of Apparel

Seeing apparel in your dream is interpreted to a stranger woman. This woman is someone who is neither from family nor amongst friends. She is someone stranger who will seduce, confuse and turn his upside down for the one who had this dream. Apparel in a dream has also a different interpretation which is wealth, joy abundance and happiness. One who had this dream will live a happy and easy life and will not face many difficulties in his business life and social life.

Seeing a Dream About Changing Your Apparel

This dream refers to an increase in your status of business and social life and maybe a job change. You may experience positive developments and encounter many good chances.

Buying Apparel In Your Dream

It means that the dream owner cannot get the turnover he expects in his business. For this reason, it is going to be a financial difficulty, a bad day to spend a lot of trouble paying checks and bills.

Searching For Apparel In Your Dream

It means that one who had seen this dream is not satisfied with his income and chasing better opportunities and analyzing his current works.

Getting Apparel From Someone In Your Dream

It is expressed as good chance and fortune for the dream owner. It means that the luck of the owner of the dream will continue and he will reach his goals. The dream owner is going to have beautiful and surprising developments.

Losing Your Clothes In Your Dream

It is interpreted as hardship and economic difficulties.  The one who had this dream might have to face some tough times and might try to pay his debts by borrowing more money and this will lead to more complicated situations.

Packing Up Your Apparel In Your Dream

It is said that this dream refers to the savings and investments made considering the future. The owner of the dream knows that he should save as much money as he can, he knows where to spend money and he lives without forgetting his tomorrow.