Dream Meaning of Becoming Famous

To become famous in a dream means that you take or give a gift, donate, grant. If you become famous as an artist, you will make people happy by working for a charitable foundation. If you see that you become famous in scientific issues, you will take benediction by spending your promotion in charity. 

To see that you become a famous politician in your dream means that the aid or gift you gave won't be liked by the opposite person and you will upset because you learned this from another people. 

The crowd coming together in your environment because you become famous in your dream refers to the amount of people who have hope and expectancy from you. 

To dream that although you become famous, nobody knows you may represent that important day or incident for you won't be reminded by anybody and you will be unhappy because of this. 

To see yourself on the journals as a famous person in your dream signifies a surprise which will be made collectively by your close environment and gift you will take. 

To make an interview as a famous person in your dream symbolizes that you will denote a work or study for benefit of society. 

To see yourself as a famous person on TV in your dream may imply that one of your friends will want your opinion and s/he will buy a present to his/her relative thanks to the opinion you gave.