Dream Meaning of Stepmother

To see your stepmother in your dream usually symbolizes a bad thing. Dreaming stepmother indicates that the dreamer will get to know  that one of his / her friends or someone in his / her family is ill or is dead, so he / she will feel unpleasant. At the same time, the dream may represent that you will hurt someone who protects and supports you every time.  

To dream about dead stepmother

The dream meaning of dead step mother illustrates that you will get bother because of some events which you will face in your business life or family life.  Besides, you will concern about the future.  Alternatively, to dream your dead step mother denotes that you can’t find a way out in your daily life.

The dream meaning of dead stepfather

To see step father in your dream suggests that you will success in your business life or social life, you will earn a comfortable life and you will live on welfare. Alternatively, dead stepfather in your dream may be a sign of a bad news about your family life or business.

The dream interpretation of step relative

The dream meaning of a step relative may illustrates that someone will  want a part of your gain. This income will come from one of your works and / or your products which you will have studied on.  

To dream step sister or brother

If you see your step sister or brother in your dream, it denotes that you will get some bad news. These news will be about your business and they will cause some problems and will constrain you.

Dreaming with a step child

Dreaming with a step child means that you will be deceived by one of your close friends or relatives. Besides, the person who will deceive you may be your wife or husband.  And also, this betrayal will disappoint you and you will feel very sad.

Dreaming about cousin

To dream about your cousin usually represents your viewpoint about a subject and this viewpoint need to be improved.  Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have very strong relations among relatives and all members of your family have loyalty to each. There is many people who want to support and assist you when you are in trouble or need any help in your family. The dream implies that your family members will have always common interests and share responsibilities.