Dream Meaning of Spinach Pie

The dream meaning of spinach pie symbolizes a comfortable business life, your diligence and determination. You will perform your best and you will earn your living. The dream suggests that you will be in clover. You will support your family with financial aid and you will make sacrifice for them. Alternatively, dreaming with spinach pie represents that you will buy a second house or  a summer house.

To prepare a spinach pie in dream

To see that you are preparing a spinach pie in your dream implies that you will make a decision about starting your own business and it will be a wisely decision.  You will lead a life as you are dreaming. It also denotes that you will be in luck throughout  your life and live with people who you love. You will get across your knowledge to other people and you will assist them to get their lives in order.  If you are a single woman, then the dream may suggests that you will marry with someone who has a lot of relatives. If the dreamer is a single man, then the dream indicates that you will marry with a rich woman or an older one.

The dream of cooking a spinach pie

The dream interpretation of cooking spinach pie may symbolize your experiences about business. You may start to work in a different field.  Also to dream that your are cooking spinach pie suggests that you will get richer and will have spiritual saturation. You will lead a healthy life and live peacefully.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming of spinach pie

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of spinach pie usually symbolize a need for mother compassion and missing for family. The dreamer may be a homebody person. If the dreamer is a man, then it suggests that he wants his spouse to behave like his mother and he wait for compassion from his wife.