Dream Meaning of Wet Ground

To see wet in your dream suggests different meanings depending on object seen or situation. The dream interpretation of a wet ground represents that you are in danger and you have many rivals, so you need to be careful.  In other words, dreaming of wet ground is a warning of upcoming troubles.  To dream of a wet hand implies that a person who you trust will  harm you.

A wet road in your dream may symbolize your wrong decisions. It signifies that you have made some wrong decisions, you need to correct your mistakes and change your preferences to get your life in order.  Besides,the dream interpretation of wet wipes may be a sign of getting help. Lastly, to see wet hair indicates that your family will face a problem, the problem will last long and it will make you feel discomfort.

The dream meaning of a wet ground

The dream may be interpreted as a warning. Wet ground in your dream suggests that your conditions cause trouble, you will lose power in your business and your have invested in wrong projects. The dream also represents that your attitude or behaviours cause you and your family some problems. Alternatively, wet ground symbolizes a need to take precautions and being careful.

The dream interpretation of shaking a wet hand

To see that you are shaking a wet hand in your dream indicates that you will be wrong and make mistakes. There are some people who are pretending that they are your friends and you believe mistakenly that you can trust them. Because of this belief, you may be confronted with some troubles.

Shaking a wet hand may be a sign of bad deals. Some agreements or events which you think useful may be negative for you in fact.

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of wet

Dreaming of wet usually symbolizes insecurity and doubt. It may symbolize that the dreamer grew up under pressure, met unkind people in their childhood and so he / she doesn’t trust people anymore. Usually the dreamer doesn’t have close friends and is very self-conscious.