Dream Meaning of Sesame

To see sesame in a dream refers to abundance, richness and money.

To see of eating sesame with a spoon in your dream may represent that you will evaluate an opportunity when nobody notices that and you will add wealth to your current wealth until this opportunity is noticed by another people.

To see that your mouth’s surrounding is with sesame or there are sesames on your clothes in your dream refers to saving money.

To see seedcakes in your dream signifies a big financial gain which will be reached as a result of small efforts.

To see that another person eats sesame in your dream implies that by forming an opinion about a work of your relative, you will do profitable jobs.

To see mashed sesame or extract the oil of sesame in your dream may indicate that you won’t give up although you face with difficulties. By this way, you will get what you want in your job or relationship.

To see insects, birds or animals eating sesame in your dream symbolizes a friend who warns you about your squandering, an advice which provides that you are aware of your injustice in your relationship.

To see of taking or buying sesameĀ in your dream may indicate that you will try to earn money from bad ways in order to close your debt and you will be successful.

To give or sell sesame to a person in your dream means that you will find a partner to your job.

To plant sesame in your dream denotes that you will take assistance from a person whom you did a favor. If you collect sesame in your dream, it means that you will meet a person who benefits to you.