Dream Meaning of Planting Trees

Dream of planting trees symbolizes good deed and forgiveness from God. It indicates that you are a humble and decent human being. Although you’ve never committed a crime or sin, you still spend most of your time doing charity work. It also indicates that you will hear some surprising, good news.

Dream Of Planting A Sapling

Dream of planting a sapling symbolizes a huge event which will make you very happy. You will have an unexpected and big promotion in your business life. Everything in your life will be perfect.

Dream Of Cutting Down A Tree

Dream of cutting down a tree indicates that you are in a bad place spiritually but this will change with the help from someone from your family. It symbolizes unnecessary pride and the punishment caused by pride. Your punishment will come to an end with the help from this individual.

Dream Of Someone Cutting Down A Tree

Dream of seeing someone cutting down a tree indicates that your reputation in business life will be damaged because of your problems with your vision. But after some times, everything will go back to normal and all will be forgiven. It will never create a serious crisis on your life.