Dream Meaning of Pedestrian Bridge

To see a pedestrian bridge in your dream suggests that you will overcome your problems with a shortcut, you will receive support from a reputable and well-known person, and you will be bolstered up by your close friends. Sometimes, dreaming with a pedestrian bridge may symbolize that a bad situation will return in a good way and this situation will be an opportunity for your life. But, you need to be patience during hard times. Also, the dream meaning of pedestrian bridge may be a sign of hope. You are hopeful and you will make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

Alternatively, to see a pedestrian bridge indicates a desire about changing your job. Dreaming about a footbridge usually is a good symbol. Besides, it may be a warning to utilize the opportunities in a sensible way.  

The dream meaning of passing through a pedestrian bridge

To dream that you are passing through a pedestrian bridge denotes that you will overcome an uphill battle and will be admired by your managers. It may imply that you will get a promotion at your business. Also, in your private life, the dream illustrates that you will reach peace.

The dream interpretation of jumping down from a pedestrian bridge

Dreaming that you are jumping down from a pedestrian bridge signifies that you will receive a news about an appointment. You will be appointed to an official business but you will feel unhappy about it. Your unwillingness will cause some problems. Alternatively, jumping down from a footbridge may symbolize that you will regret not utilizing the opportunities.

If you are single, then a pedestrian bridge in your dream suggests that you will give up your decision about marriage and change your way to another direction. You will prefer a more adventurous life, however this new life won’t bring happiness to you.

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of pedestrian bridge

The dream usually illustrates people who dream to get rich immediately. Pedestrian bridge symbolizes your desire of easy life. The dreamer is often not aware of his / her responsibilities.