Dream Meaning of Pear

To see a pear in a dream refers to happiness and religious peace.

To see of eating a pear in your dream implies that you will see one of your relatives or have some news. If you eat it with appetence in your dream, it suggests that you will get good news from a distant place.

To see a rotten pear in your dream implies that you will incur a debt suddenly. However, you will get out of debt in a short period with the help of an old woman from your family. If you eat this rotten pear in your dream, it represents that you will borrow from someone because you aren’t able to handle this debt.

To see that there is no rot in a pear in a dream symbolizes comfortable life, happiness and peace within the family.
To dream that the pear goes bad in time suggests that your problems in your life will get better in short term.

To collect the pears falling from the tree in your dream denotes that you will have a relationship with a loose woman. If you collect the pears with baskets in your dream, it means that you approach someone with prejudice but you should know these people better.

To see of buying a pear in your dream may represent that a travel related to job or school will be cancelled but this condition will be better. If you buy pear from bazaar in your dream, it signifies that you will set out on a journey. If you aren’t able to carry the pears, it means that you will transfer your work into a person from your family.

To see of selling a pear in your dream implies that a person from your family will have a journey because of a good job and you will also support this journey.
Dreams including pears refer to peace mentally.

To dream that you throw a pear into basket indicates that the problems with your partner will go out but you shouldn’t prejudge.

To cook pear in your dream symbolizes innovations and happiness by means of these innovations.

To see that you wash pear and eat it in your dream signifies good news related to you, marriage or a desire which will happen soon. If you eat pear without washing it in your dream, it means that the troubles within your family will be seen but after a while, the problems will disappear with your efforts.

To see of growing a pear in your dream indicates that one good person that doesn’t have a family blood tie will join to your family.

To eat or carry a raw pear in your dream indicates that your desire will occur.