Fatherless Child (Orphan)

To see a fatherless child in a dream refers to unusual updates, surprising incidents. Alternatively, it also signifies a spouse who devotes yourself to you, a loyal assistant for business life or an elder who guides.

To see that you are left an orphan in your dream means that you will see a very different side of a person whom you know well, a poor person will get wealth suddenly.

To see a fatherless baby in your dream represents that you will start to live in a different home by going away from your family, get married, change your current city for education or move to another place because of job reason.

To dream that you help a fatherless child means that you will join a very crowded environment and evaluate an opportunity which changes your life with the help of a chance in this environment.

To see that you breastfeed a fatherless child in your dream denotes that you will leave from a meeting you joined because of helping another person by noticing your deficiencies. If you see a person who breast-feeds in your dream, it symbolizes a friend who flings his/her favor up in your face.

To see a home for orphans in your dream means that by learning that the truths are very different in an issue which you are bored and have a guilty conscience for a long time. You will notice that you suffer for nothing and reach a big relief.