Dream Meaning of Napkin

To see napkin in a dream denotes that you slur over something, throw out of focus, work imprecisely. If you see a white napkin in your dream, it means that you will open a new page by determining the source of issues which you failed. If you see a folded, smooth and clean napkin in your dream, it denotes that your works will be all right, your mistakes will be forgiven, take into consideration a point which you didn't attach importance to before

To see of eating napkin in your dream may imply that you push your significant works into the background because you are preoccupied with jobs which you don't benefit. If you see a person who eats napkin in your dream, it refers to a person who does your work unwillingly.

To see that napkin is bought and sold in your dream means that your friend will direct you into different issues because of hiding his/her fault towards you.

To want napkin in your dream may denote that you will fall from favor in an environment that you were come to the front before because of your personal mistakes.

To see that you are distributing napkins in your dream indicates that you will achieve to thrust yourself to the forefront with jobs which you do behind another people's back. If you see that another person distributes napkins in your dream, you will lose your status because of jobs which people do behind your back.

To see that you burn napkin or a napkin is burning in your dream may represent that you will discard your coworker, change a thing which you have used for a long time. If you are a property owner, you will sell this property and move to a more refreshing house.

To dream that you scatter napkins around or you see napkins which are scattered around may indicate that you will spend money rashly by getting high gains. You will spend more by trusting your own financial status.

T knit a napkin in your dream means that you will earn money from commodities which another people can't use. By paying attention of people whom you didn't take serious before, you will win the hearts of them.