Dream Meaning of Labyrinth

Dreaming of a labyrinth means, you are getting troubles for paying attention to details, therefore you are losing time and money, you need to make more effort to solve your problems. Alternatively, to dream of a labyrinth indicates that, you will overcome your problems even if not soon but finally.

Lost way in a labyrinth

To dream of losing your way in a maze suggests that you will get over your long-lasting problems, cope with your financial difficulties, and pay your debt.  


Dreaming of a trap represents a relative or friend who is in your social circle exploits you. The dream may symbolize this friend or relative’s desire to trap you.

Falling into a trap

Falling into a trap in your dream denotes that you will fall in love with someone who doesn’t deserve your love, good feelings and interest.

Alternatively, to dream that you are falling into a trap suggests that your business which makes you earn your life and cover your expenses will close down.  

Trapping someone

Trapping someone in a dream may imply that you will obtain something which you pursue and desire to get for a long time. Alternatively, it denotes getting a marriage and lead a happy life if the dreamer has a finance.

To be trapped

To dream of being trapped indicates that you will marry someone who has contrasting characters, you will feel unhappy and get ill due to nervousness and tension. At the same time, it may represent the dreamer will get into trouble and be sentenced to prison for a while.

To be deceived

To be deceived in the dream means losing your way, telling lies and untruths, playing tricks and deceiving people.

Deceiving your wife

To dream that you are deceiving your wife suggests that you will get involved in a situation unwillingly and cannot get rid of that situation.